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EARLY MELODIC ANIMALS was formed in early 2010 by J.D. Parsons with the intent of making music for a cause. Inspired by rescuing animals and raising awareness on animal cruelty, the first album, DAY01, donated 15% to various animal charities and organizations. Parsons also donated a track to help abused animals for the Home on the Range Benefit CD featuring artists like Moby, Bright Eyes, Matisyahu, and Yoko Ono. Moving forward, DAY02, a 6-song EP, embraced a shoegazey synth-laden rock sound that is the wistful journey of DAY02. Influences for DAY02 ranged from 90's alt rockers S.T.P. to crooners Simon and Garfunkel. The next album DAY03, currently in production, has shifted the sound, incorporating singer/songwriter Miki Black to add her unique edge with lead guitars and vocals, and completing Parson's long-awaited vision of an indie rock male/female vocal duo. Veteran bass man Cory Tarallo brings out the low end in the DAY03 LP expected to be released in the winter of 2012.

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